Give your company cash

Invoice factoring gives your company cash as soon as your invoices are generated – creating an immediate infusion of cash without a loan.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring


Immediate Funds

Receive money on your qualified receivables in 24-48 hours.


No Debt

Factoring is NOT a loan and therefore, you are not incurring any debt. This keeps your balance sheet looking good, thereby making it easier to obtain other types of financing.


Establish credit for your company

Factoring improves cash flow, thus ensuring monies are available to pay your company’s liabilities in a timely manner.


Easy qualification

The approval process is quick and easy.  Usually approved in 1-2  business days, whereas banks can take up to three months.


Better Credit Terms

Factoring allows your business the option to receive credit from your vendors.  Your customers can pay your invoice net terms.


Leverage from your customers credit

Unlike banks and other loan companies, your personal credit score is not used for approval.  We look to the creditworthiness of your customer first.


Lower your risk for loss

 The factory company provides credit checks on existing and new customers, which can help you make the right decisions.


Factoring is a stepping stone for your company

If you want to grow your business without incurring additional debt, factor your receivables!

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